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March 2011 outing..

Our planned outting was seemingly faced with a few obstacles affecting many of those who were to come. From illness with some in the group to lack of transportation and other hinderances for others, the turnout was doubtful. And then on top of all this, the rain and possibility of bad weather later in the day seemed to be a concern as the day progressed but I thought it would be a good idea to meet and pray before deciding not to go. That evening, sitting in the prayer room as we talked, God spoke through two of the participants who were convinced that we should not cancell going .We decided to make an attempt and if the weather got too bad, we’d just come back. Our prayers were easier once the decision was made that we would go since we felt that we would rather be ‘wrong’ in going than in staying.  Interestingly enough, when we got down town, not only did it not rain but there was also a good crowd downtown because of the basketball game. Addtionally, we were blessed with the opportunity of  sharng verbally and with our presence.  The short of the long story is that we had a chance to touch many people and had over 10 solid conversations with people who had various needs from physical to spiritual and had the chance to pray with many of them. We had one person make a profession of faith and we thank God for another soul added to the Kingdom and the seeds planted that night along with the encouragement/care packages we were able to offer to others. As you remeber, please lift up these whose names we recall from our conversations:Walter – Shared the gospel
Ron Avant
Ovell – Prayed to receive Christ
John – Shared the gospel
Clancey and his friend- Intellectual discsussions on the credibility of (God’s) Truth


First time out..

After a time of prayer at our church, 3 of us hoped into the car and headed downtown,. This being our first time,  we did not know what to expect. As we entered Beale street I admit that it felt so odd wearing a shirt with the word pray in a place where the crowd is generally not focusing on church or God. As we walked around we could notice different people reading our shirts and saw a variety or reactions. We saw some positive expressions but we also saw some puzzled look,s disbelief and some sneers. I was more than delighted though by the lengthly conversations we had with about 8 people and we even got to share the Gospel twice.

It did not occur to me then to keep track of all those we spoke to but I recall that the first guy who approached us was Bob from NJ. He was in town visiting with relatives and was excited when he read the shirt. We talked and he gave us a testimony and showed us a picture of Christ on his phone that he had drawn. I asked him to txt it it to me and gave him my #. Bob called called me when he got back home and said he was unable to txt it due tot the format but wanted to FB it to me and so we connected that way.

We also remember speaking to KD, who was selling roses. Young guy full of life and energy, sharp as can be. I shared the Gospel with KD and he said that he had made that committment and is still being taught by those who shared with him. I left him with a tract asking him to read it when he had time just to confirm that his understanding was the same as the Biblical truth shared therein.

We were approached by another young lady who smiled alot and spoke  even more. She blessed us saying that she liked what we were doing and she took a picture of us. She talked with us for a while.

Another lady share that she had some current issues stemming from a past relationship and after a long conversation on God’s way we prayed with her for healing and direction.

We also encountered  a lady who sneered sarcastically at the thought of us being there for prayer. Her friend though told her we were a prayer group and was fine with our presence.

During the time there we would walk around a little, stand around for a while then move around to another spot. There were moments when we were just standing… being present and moments of engagement in conversation. It was a blessing.

Second time out..

The second time around we were a little more prepared since we had somewhat of an idea of what to expect. However that did not eliminate the feeling of excitement, expectation mingled with nervousness and butterflies. We spent some time in the prayer at our church then 4 of us loaded up and headed out to Beale.
1)Right outside the parking lot as we walked out, we got a chance to speak to speak to Chris. He was interested in our shirts and we continued the conversation and
shared the Gospel. Chris was receptive in listening said he would like to know more to understand better. We prayed with Chris and left him a tract with contact info.
2)As we were walking up Beale, Ronald who was trying to get people to have their picture taken saw our shirts, stopped us and asked us to pray for him to get a job and we bowed and prayer for him together
3)Next, after walking for some time we met ‘Ambassador’. Sitting outside a club with a mic and a podium (which he called his ‘pulpit’). He paused to share with us that he liked the shirt, what we were doing and that he is saved and tries to minister/share with the down and struggling. We prayed for and with ‘Amabassador’ for God to
continue guiding him.
4) Next, a guy who seeming was the leader of a band read our shirt, asked us to pray for them and called his band members to gather around as we prayed for them [ Talk about the most unusual prayer you will ever pray]. During the prayer, one of the band member blurted “and give us more tips” 🙂
5) Next, Alex sneaked up behind one of us as we were standing near one restaurant and read the verse behind. He then greeted us and asked what we were doing. We explained that we were offering prayer and also sharing what we believe. In our conversation Alex stated he was a christian and had driven down to memphis from college (is a freshman at some college) to visit Memphis. We encouraged Alex to stand for the truth in campus as he would face many challenges to Truth in the college years to come.
6) Next, an older lady named Gloria approached us and asked if we were praying for people. When we said yes, she asked . “How much do you charge?” We could not believe it and we quickly told her we were not charging. She asked us to pray for help to be able to repair her roof and we prayed for her.
7) Shorly thereafter, Renee came and sat on a stool next to where we happened to be standing. I introduced myself and told Gloria we were out praying for people and asked if she had any prayer requests. Gloria stated that she had been layed off from Memphis city school as a custodian and needed her job. She had just completed a pharm tech course. As we conversed, I asked Gloria if she knew where she would go if something happend to her and she affirmed that she has eternal life (would go to heaven). and she gave her testimony of how she was saved as a young girl and later on in life (as a result of health problems that resulted in her discovering and being treated for a heart deformity that she was born with,) she recommitted herself to walking with the Lord. We prayed with Renee for God to provide her with a job and take care of all her needs.
8 ) A really built 6ft man passed us and looked so much at the shirt, I asked him if he had anything we could pray about and after a pause, he uttered “Just rememeber Andy in your prayers”
9)I Meet a few of my former co-workers/friends who had brought another friend from out of twn to see beale. We updated each other on where we are now working and what was new in our lives. Then I told them what we were doing in beale. Not really sure what they thought about it.
10) One of the other team members spoke to Leslie
11) One of the other team member met a former co-worker of his
12)One of us approached a long time acrobatics performer at Beale ( the guys who do back flips etc) called Lamont and begun a conversation. She has been seeing him perform for over a 12 year period on Beale since he was a child.
13)As she and another member of our group conversed with him a young urban lady separatley approached me and another member of our group asking why we were there at this particular time. Our usual reply was met with an irriated response that amounted to the impression that the lady presumed that we were “in beale” specifically because we were singling the people in beale st. as being needy of prayer or whatever we were offering. We clarified that it was not only the people in beale st. that needed this but everyone because the Bible stated that all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. This point did not resonate with the lady who claimed to be ‘one of us’ but did not appreciate that her and her husband who come down to beale street are being perceived in a certain way by people like us. Some discussion ensued with us providing Biblical basis for what we were doing and challenging her intellectualism (she felt in necessary to note that she is a Phd student). It was however a God given moment when she stated that no one would talk to us “with that T-shirt on” and at the same time, by divine providence, the other two member who had been speaking to Lamont were all bowed down in prayer in the middle of the street. My reply to the young lady’s comment was “What do you say about that?” At this, she stepped back, hands up and walked away.*
*We viewed this unusual encounter  above as a direct attempt by the enemy to challenge, oppose, distort and discourage our mission and so we were led to stand firm to the opposition.
14) Having been ‘loosened’ by our ‘discussion’ with the individual afforementioned we experienced renewed boldness and approached two young men seated on the curb of the street. I proceeded to ask them if they attend church and as we conversed I asked them if they knew the’d go to heaven if something happend to them and further asked them a second diagnostic question about what they would tell God is he asked why should he let them into Heaven to which they replied that they wouldn’t know what to say.  When I told them I had some good news, the riveted their focus in on the conversation. I shared the good news of the gospel with them and on the pavement, in the middle of beale street, a few minute to midnight, Jasean and Charles repented and prayed to recieve Christ in their lives. They were excited that they had a God given basis for knowing that they have eternal life (john 6:47). We thereafter shared how they could grow in their faith and walk with God.
Needless to say, we left Beale praising God for a glorious ending to the night.
Our prayer is that His presence continues to be felt amoung these and many other  indivduals as we seek to pray for people and share the great news of the Gospel
Ps: We have since spoken and got to know Jasean more and are encouraging him in his walk. Charles’ phone is off but we intend to keep in touch with both of them.
UPDATE: We were able to reach Charles recently. He is doing great and asks for prayer as he looks to move from renting a room to renting an apartment.

Please take time to lift everyone mentioned above and you pray for their needs as the Spirit leads and also for a revelation of our Lord and Savior to those who do not know Him.

God Bless.

Rom 1:16

Third time out..

We went out the third time on Friday Oct 15 and it was aweome!!! Details to follow soon but for now, here is a videographic preview of a few moments that highlighted the night….  Enjoy and I’ll post more later. God blessings be upon you and may His name be glorified in everything with thanksgiving.

View the Clip.

Further Details:
After a time of prayer in the prayer room, 6 of us traveled downtown in two cars. We got to Beale street and started walking and engaging people in conversation where possible in pairs and individually. Below is a summary of our main encounters.
As I and another team member were standing on the pavement, two young ladies approached us and asked us what we were doing and which God we were praying to. We explained that we believed in prayer and we were praying for people based on their request and also sharing about what we believed as Christians. The two young ladies (Amy and Simone) quickly warmed up and relaxed as what we were saying seemed familiar to them. They asked us what church we go to and we told them and they said that they had just met someone from our church. Surprised we asked who that was and turning around the pointed to a tall familiar fellow who was not part of our group but who I quickly recognized as Pepper Horn. Pepper has worn many hats including a number of years as a full time missionary in South America. He was on there with another gentleman and a group of young individuals from the Downline Institute which is part of the Downline Summit Ministries. They were creatively sharing the Gospel in the center of Beale by drawing on a flipchart to gathering a crowd and then making a presentation of the Gospel.
At the same time as we were speaking to Amy and Simone, one another pair in our team (that did not know Pepper) has seen the group with a flip chart and had gone over to see what was going on. Realizing they were Christians sharing the Gospel, they introduced themselves and explained what we were doing. As they were pointing out other member of our group, Pepper recognized us as we were talking to Amy and Simone and it was them that everyone realized that a few of us were from the same church.
This coincidental encounter was exciting and encouraging for us. As we continued in conversation, two group members began speaking to Christi. In the course of the conversation, the Gospel was shared. Christi understood that she needed to respond and accepted Christ as her savior. (Watch video above below to see Christi in conversation with a pair from our group)
As this was happening three of us walked up the street. We encountered two friends who seemed unusually excited when they spotted us and our shirts. We begun talking to Christie and Candice and they said that they had just been speaking about God. As we conversed, Christine affirmed that she knew she was going to heaven not based on her works. Candice noted that over the past two weeks she had made some significant changed in her life. She added that she felt really blessed with what she had accomplished in life (1st to graduate in family, homecoming queen etc) and was now trying to ensure that she live right and make necessary changes. We commended her for her achievements and life changes. We added that we had some great news to share with her. As we shared the Gospel, her friend Christie was giddy with excitement. Candice listened with increasing interest as we clarified that our good work no matter how many or how great cannot meet God’s standard of holiness and that our sin separated us from God but in His mercy he provided the perfect sacrifice in His son to atone for our sins and at this point the engrossed look on her face turned to excitement. We explained that if one repents, and places their trust in what Jesus did at the cross and make him the Lord of their life by surrendering to Him they will be saved and can have the assurance of their Salvation. We asked her if this is what she wanted to do and she excitedly and eagerly said yes. Candice prayed to receive Christ. After that we encouraged her to continue getting plugged in her church and shared something that could help her grow spiritually. As we ended the conversation, I asked her what she would now say if God asked why he should let her into heaven. With a huge smile and the most animation I have ever seen in a new believer, Candice held up the tract where she had signed and dated her decision and said as she hoped “Because on October 15th on Beale Street I believed…” Wow!
A few of us continued walking and a young guy called Major with his four friend paused as if in disbelief and the he said, “I appreciate that” as we shook their hands.
Later as we were standing one of us was speaking to a young guy and two of his buddies were waiting on him. I walked up to the two who were waiting and engaged them in conversation. They were part of a boxing program and were in Memphis training for a competition. I asked them the diagnostic questions and Ernesto and Charlie said they would not know what to say if God asked them why he should let them into Heaven. I told them I had some good news for them and begun sharing the Gospel. Charlie listened casually but keenly while Ernesto was riveted on every sentence I spoke. At end both Ernesto and Charlie indicated that the wanted to make a profession of faith and the prayed to receive Christ. I left them with a track to remind them of their decision and to share with other what they now knew.
When I was done speaking we stood around for a time and I noticed a man behind us straining to read our shirts. One of us turned to greet him and he asked are you all praying for people. He answered yes and the man said. “I need prayer”. The man’s name was Wayne and Wayne had a chance to hear the Gospel presented to his seeking soul. (See video above below). With a tear in his eye, Wayne prayed to receive Christ.
As noted above, five people heard and received the Gospel that night. We had other opportunities to speak and pray with others and we left thanking God for the privilege of being involved in His work. To God be the Glory!!
The video above below is glimpse of some of the moments above that we had the chance to capture.

Fourth time out on Beale..

Our fourth visit begun as usual in the prayer room at Church. After a time of prayer, five of us bundled up in one car and headed down to Beale Street.

As we got out of the car, we braced ourselves for a cold night. We walked down the parking lot step and as we emerged in the street a man with two younger guys (Brad Craig and Jared) slowed down their walked, looked at us and begun beaming as the shook our hand and asked us what we were doing. As we explained our purpose, he was very excited that we were doing this. He explained that he was from Arkansas and had also at one time been involved in witnessing on Beale Street. On this night he was out with a 16 (Craig) year old and a 19 year old young man (Jared) who was going to the navy the next day!! They had decided to come out for one last time before he left then next day. Brad offered to pray for us and we were moved by his gesture and prayer as this was a first for us. After we prayed we thanked them and thanked Jared for his willingness to serve his Country.

As we walked onto Beale, there was practically no crowd. It was mostly empty with a few people scattered here and there. We met Gregory. He told us he was homeless but engaged us in conversation. He was a big guy and as he spoke about everything from his involvement with mixed martial art to his view on all religions are equal we could quite tell whether he was just a passionate person or if he was angry so we decided to leave him with a tract at which point he showed us a small prayer book he carries with him. We wished him well and proceeded on.

We met a well dress man named Chad. He read our shirt and as seriously as a he could, he asked us to pray for him because he is an alcoholic. We prayed for him to be released from this bondage. We also later met him again several times when we were able to talk with him a little more.

As we walked we met Pepper Horn again with two young guys from Downline Ministries. They had just taken a homeless man to dinner and were going to give him a ride to and pay for him to get into a homeless shelter for the night. After a little conversation they continued on. Shortly thereafter we saw Joy and Kelsea. We knew Joy and Kelsea from the last time we were on Beale and had met them along with Amy and Simone as part of the group from Donwline. The fact that we all met again on Beale was a pure coincidence. They had planned to be back down there on the same night we had planned to come back down. Joy proceeded to tell us a something that we considered the highlight of the night. Last time when we were on Beale, you may recall that Chastity had prayed to receive Christ. Joy was also there as a pair from our group shared. She also took down Chastity’s contact. She told us that the next week she invited Chastity to her church. Chastity came that week and then she went again the next week and joined the Church. We were so excited about this report and I believe it was God’s way of saying that I (He) is working in ways that we do not even know and all that we need to do is to be faithful in what he has given us to do.

Thankful for that report we stood conversing for a time. As we did two guys approached us. Jeff and Zacharia. Jeff asked me to pray for him to stop smoking. We prayed and he said thank and continued on.

Shortly thereafter, we met Amy. Amy spoke with a lot of enthusiasm and intellect but Amy is homeless. She told is that she slept in a sleeping bag and now that it was getting cold, she wished she had gloves and more socks. One of the ladies with us gave her gloves. We asked her about her faith and she gave us a testimony on how she got saved. We began thinking of what small thing we could do to help people like Amy.

Concurrently, one of struck up a conversation with spoke to Roy. He is a believer and we encourage him to continue in the things that would make him grow in his faith.

As we stood as a group, I could see a man I later came to know as Brent pointing at us and saying something to different people. After a few minutes, I stepped out of the circle heading toward him just as he was doing the same thing. He asked what we were doing and I told him. He shared with me that he is also a believer and was truly moved by the fact that we were out there on a cold night doing this. I asked him if he had any prayer request and we prayed for his Mother, Leota who is ill.

Later, we as we were about to head of Beale, we meet a group of ladies who as soon as they saw us, they started praising God. We asked them if they had any prayer requests and we made a circle and prayed for Bonnie (Medical decisions and for a job), Shirley (for her health and her husband’s health) and Monee (for her daughter and peace of mind).

We left the street thankful for yet another opportunity of laboring as worker in and for the Great Commission and the glimpse God gave us into what else is happening beyond our involvement.

Fifth Beal Blitz… 



We had the opportunity to go back out on Beale street on Dec 10. Based on our last visit, we anticipated meeting some people with physical needs during this cold season. We decided to take with us an assortment of items that would be useful to a homeless or needy person to help during the cold season like gloves, hat, inner shirts etc. By God provision  through us and others who donated things, we gathered items to take with us.As usual, we gathered together in the prayer room before leaving but this time we first sorted and packaged the various items in distributable packets to facilitate easy distribution.


Short Clip on prep


After a time of prayer, we headed out downtown in two cars.We were blessed with many opportunities to speak to various people in different situations and also had the blessing of sharing the bag of goods with those in need as a way of showing the love of Christ . More importantly, we had the opportunity to share the Gospel 7 times as we walked on Beale and through other streets downtown looking for anyone to pray/share the Gospel with and any needy person we could give the items we carried.


Blitz 5 Clip : Some conversations and prayer


In one of those instances, a man named Clark got saved. Clark‘s lost his job a short while ago and then three weeks ago he become homeless and went to live in the Union Mission. If you met him, you wouldn’t have guessed that he was homeless. Nothing about him was much different from you and me. He saw our shirts and said, ” That’s a great shirt, where can I get one of those?” We told him that we had these made as we introduced ourselves and told him what we were doing. He indicated he was interested in anything we had to give and also prayer. We gave him to of the packed bag but before praying, we asked him some questions about his eternity. Clark answer was the most mind boggling reply you could have ever heard. He said he knew he was not going to heaven because he wasn’t saved. He was so clear in his understanding about what repentance, trusting in Christ as Lord and Savior meant yet so honest to admit that he had not yet made a profession of faith. I challenged him to get that settled that night since he was not guaranteed tomorrow and Clark decided to get saved. Right there and then, on the corner of Beale and 2nd street, he confessed, repented  and received the gift of eternal life.AMEN!!!!


 Clark walked away but within the next half hour, Clark brought two other homeless people to us so that we could give them something and share with them what we told him!!!!!!!Our God is an Awesome God.


The next day, while at the Union Mission, Clarkborrowed a phone and called me on the number I wrote on his tract. He expressed gratitude for what we had given him and what we had shared with him. The conversation was great and he also informed me that he would attend a local Bible believing, Bible teaching church that sends a bus to the Misson on Sunday.

 Pray for Clark as he continues in his new life with Christ while dealing with the challenges of his situation.

As always, we thanked God for the privilege of being a part of His plan.To God be the Glory.


First 2011 outing…


  2011 has rolled in quick and the first Friday was here before we knew it. We got together as usual for prayer and a little sorting of items then loaded up in two vehicles to brave the cold street with a mission.

We got the change to speak to quite a few homeless people.

 Two of them are captured in our

 pics page.

We also had a chance to speak to Wes who works somewhere on Beale. Wes was interested in what we were giving out and after showing him, we continued the conversation. Upon inquiring if he had any prayer request he contemplatively mentioned that he and his girlfriend were expecting. We talked a little about that and I asked if they were attending church anywhere. He said she was attending but the he didn’t really go but knows that he should. We had an opportunity to share the Gospel with Wes after he said that his hope for going to heaven was just to hope that when he dies, his good outweighs his bad and that God lets him in. Wes listened to the good new and prayed to receive Jesus Christ as his Savior!!   

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  1. Street Disciple

    To God Be All The Glory

    September 21, 2010 at 3:30 am

  2. Dana

    Awesome recap! Souls are being affected. Hopefully, more will join us in this work. To God be the Glory!

    September 25, 2010 at 7:33 pm

  3. Hop

    Praise the Lord Brothers and Sisters! Will be praying for you!! Silent Partner

    September 30, 2010 at 3:58 am

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