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Night Summaries

Hello and welcome

Welcome to the (Old)  blog.The below posts, clips and much else here was posted in 2010-2011.

(We are now on facebook; https://www.facebook.com/groups/bealestreetprayeroutreach/ . Feel free to explore this site then check latest info on our FB group link.)


A few months ago, God seemed to be giving us a vision to increase our witnessing reach to the night crowd. We talked about it, then started praying for more revelation. It was through that time that we came up with the concept below.

concept that become reality

We designed the t-shirt above and had it printed. On the front are the word “How May I Pray For You” with a “Stop & Pray” sign and on the back is John 10:10 and below it, the “Stop & Pray” sign with the words ‘Will Pray For You’. On the First Friday of August of 2010 we went out on Beale street for the first time. After that first experience we found ourselved looking forward to the next month to do it again and on the First Friday of September, we went out again. After those two outings, we have developed this blog to share the experiences we’ve had, to seek others to pray for those we have encountered and to expand this ministry to involve more prayer warriors and soul-winners. Welcome to the our version of the Fellowship of the Unashamed – <FOTU>< . On the Summary of nights out page(also on menu at the top) is a review of the times we have been out and future post of other opportunities we will have as the Lord wills.

Some clips/pic & reviews: